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Usage & set-up Tips and maintenance

Instructions for using the Road Noise Vest. Washing instructions. Troubleshooting help.

ROADNOISE vests give you the ability to hear your footsteps, your breathing, and your surroundings along with your favorite music. There's nothing in your ears and no dangling cords to get in the way. Just plug in your device and you're off running.
SOUND: The lightweight speakers fit in the shoulders right below (not in) your ears. the full-range, high-power speakers are loud enough to provide great sound without being overpowering. The speakers are easily removable if necessary.
FIT: The fit of a ROADNOISE vest is important for the total enjoyment of your run. Each size has been designed and tested with larger sound devices such as smart phones that fit comfortably at the base of your rib cage. the speakers rest on the front of your shoulders.

Your Roadnoise Vest is sure to become your favorite running partner. Its built to last and will provide enjoyment for many miles to come. While the speakers can take some pounding and they're weather tolerant, we don't suggest using it for water sports.

Watch the video for usage tips for the Roadnoise Long Haul Vest!

Getting started with the hydration system for your vest: Fill the reservoir to the maximum capacity and place it in the large rear pocket. Run the hose through the hose tab on the front of either shoulder. Attache the hose clip to the front chest tab. Wearing the vest with the reservoir full, clip and unclip the hose and mark the length that feels comfortable - not too long, not too short. Remove the mouth piece and cut the tube, then replace the mouth piece. and you're ready to go.

Usage tips for the Original Roadnoise Vest - Using the vest with your music device: Inside the front pocket is the speaker cord. Pull it out and plug the jack into your device as you would any earphones. The cord it long enough allowing you to program your device while wearing the vest.

Front Pocket showing smaller inner pocket. Smaller music players will fit in the small inner pocket leaving the larger pocket for other items.

Plugging in

Front Pocket with iPod

• Larger devices such as smart phone will fit in the pocket between the reflective strips. Use the smaller inside pocket for keys, gels, cards, etc.

Plugging in

Front Pocket with phone

Maintenance: To keep your Roadnoise Vest sounding great and looking good, remove the speakers and hand wash in mild detergent. Bleach will affect the performance to the reflective material, so don't use it. Don't wring it out as this will twist the speaker cables. It will dry quick enough just by hanging it up.

Troubleshooting: Once in awhile during packing/shipping the speakers may come loose or unplugged. If you experience static or cutting in & out, try removing the speaker from the pocket as shown above. Unplug the cord then re-plug it until it clicks. Also, try wiping off the connector with a damp cloth or finger which may remove any dust that could be present.