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West Linn, OR


Sound Running Vest - Black


Your Roadnoise Vest is sure to become your favorite running partner. Your Roadnoise Vest should hold up to all the rigors of running and provide enjoyment for many miles to come. While the speakers can take some pounding and are weather tolerant we don't suggest using it for full-contact or water sports.

ROADNOISE vests give you the ability to hear your footsteps, your breathing, and your surroundings along with your favorite music. There's nothing in your ears and no dangling cords to get in the way. Just plug in your device and you're off running.

SOUND: The lightweight speakers fit in the shoulders right below (not in) your ears. the full-range, high-power speakers are loud enough to provide great sound without being overpowering. The speakers are easily removable if necessary.
FIT: The fit of a ROADNOISE vest is important for the total enjoyment of your run. Each size has been designed and tested with larger sound devices such as smart phones that fit comfortably at the base of your rib cage. the speakers rest on the front of your shoulders.

Sound Running Vest - Black

Black_wt background_w.jpg
Black_wt background_w.jpg

Sound Running Vest - Black

27.50 55.00

Black reflective stripes with black speaker covers and tabs with reflective logos.

Fit: The fit of a Roadnoise Vest is important for the total enjoyment of your run. Roadnoise Vests are designed to fit snug over a lightweight running shirt. Each size has been designed to accommodate larger devices like smart phones which should fit comfortably at the base of your ribs.

Size: Approximate chest size:

Small (Women's S/M, Men's Extra Small) 32" - 37" 

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