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West Linn, OR



Roadnoise Sound Running Vest with built in speakers. Reflective safety vest. Holds any phone or MP3 player. Form fitting. Great  for running, training, relays, walking, cycling. Have the sound you want without eliminating the sounds around you.

ROADNOISE vests give you the ability to hear your footsteps, your breathing, and your surroundings along with your favorite music. There's nothing in your ears and no dangling cords to get in the way. Just plug in your divide and you're off running.
SOUND: The lightweight speakers fit in the shoulders right below (not in) your ears. the full-range, high-power speakers are loud enough to provide great sound without being overpowering. The speakers are easily removable if necessary.
FIT: The fit of a ROADNOISE vest is important for the total enjoyment of your run. Each size has been designed and tested with larger sound devices such as smart phones that fit comfortably at the base of your rib cage. the speakers rest on the front of your shoulders.


With speakers that sit right below, not in your ears, you'll have the music you want without blocking the sounds around you.

Music. Visibility. Hydration  -  The ROADNOISE LONG HAUL VEST.

With an amplifier/volume control that gives you great sound and ease of use with any music device or phone.  The vest is very light weight and comfortable, without cords or anything in, or around your ears. It holds the largest phones comfortably, as well as hydration and many other extras.

What you get with the Long Haul Vest:

  • Amplified speakers that sit right below, not in your ears with no uncomfortable buds in, or around your ears, and no dangling cords.
  • USB rechargeable amplifier/volume control for ease of use and great sound.
  • Works with both plug-in and Bluetooth devices.
  • Holds the largest phones comfortably, as well as SoftFlask bottles*, a hydration reservoir and many other extras.
  • Detachable rear pocket with large reflective patch. Hangs below the vest for cycling. Or can be held higher with the bungee cords.
  • These vests are lightweight, very comfortable, bounce free, reflective and look great.
  • Set up and operation as well as direct help via email or phone.
  • All this, plus one 250ml Softflask Bottle.
  • $90.00





You can get your Long Haul complete with a 1-liter reservoir and two Softflask bottles. $125.00

Or get them separately. $23.00 and $13.00.


Can’t say enough great things about the Roadnoise vest. Reflective material to help me
run at night and be seen. Lots of storage compartments for my keys, gels etc. The water
holders are lite weight and easy to get to my hydration. The music system is the best.
I don’t have to mess with earbuds anymore. The Bluetooth connects easily. I love
having my music pumping and the two speakers do exactly that! Roadnoise is great
for day or night runs and from now on, while biking too.”
— Judie Bristow, Portland, OR, 1/2 Marathon Series

The Original Roadnoise Vest.

The ultimate overnight relay vest, designed as a solution to relay music regulations.

No batteries. No dangling cords. Just plug in and go. Speakers are powered by your phone or music device.

A two-pocket system in the front holds your smart phone or smaller music device, keys or ID.

Available in Lime Green, Hot Pink and Black. 360º reflectivity. Weighs just 5.7 oz (Large size). 

$55.00 Suggested Retail ON SALE $45.00